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The World Famous Pickle Vodka

Handcrafted in

Rigby, ID

Since 2018

The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka was founded by Austin Chesser in 2016. Originally from Montana, Austin, moved to Colorado in 2010 to live with his uncle. At 19, he started a job at La Z Boy furniture, where he found his passion for sales. It wasn’t for about a year before he got his big break.

Austin started out in the wine and spirits industry at 21, as a merchandiser for SGWS. He learned the ins and outs of the company and after 2 years he was offered a sales position. During his 2 years merchandising, he was able to buy a townhome, which comes in clutch down the line. He continued improving his skills and gaining knowledge of the industry. After 5 years with SGWS, Austin had an opportunity for better position with RNDC, also in Colorado. He began working a key account roll, working with large box retail stores. Austin was beginning to see a trend in the retail liquor side of the business as he saw 100s of products and new flavors coming to market every month. He noticed there was a “want” to try new funky products.

While living in Colorado since 2010, Austin would often join friends in Denver’s Downtown District and began noticing that more Bars and Nightclubs were infusing their own Pickled Vodka and the flavor was becoming very popular. In June of 2016, at age 26, Austin made the decision to sell his Townhome and invest his entire savings into the creation of The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka.

in 2018, He quit his sales job, as it was a conflict of interest, to go fulltime selling The World Famous Pickle Vodka. In 2019 he kicked off the product, piling as many cases into his car daily with the goal of selling them all. To supplement his income he would let total strangers stay with him in his home, via AirBnB. He amassed 350 accounts in Colorado in 8 months. Hitting his goal, he approached RNDC Colorado and they picked up The World Famous Pickle Vodka. Since 2020, The World Famous Pickle Vodka has moved into several states. It is available in Montana, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota & soon in Kansas!

If you would like The World Famous Pickle Vodka available in your state, request it at your local liquor stores and favorite bars!

There are big things coming soon and beyond in 2022, don’t miss any updates.

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