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The World Famous Pickle Vodka

Handcrafted in

Rigby, ID

Since 2018

The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka was founded by Austin Chesser in 2016. Originally from Montana, Austin, moved to Colorado in 2010, where he started his career in the wine and spirits industry. In 2011, Austin started as a merchandiser for Southern Wine & Spirits. After two years as a merchandiser, Austin was prompted to sales. Austin won Sales Person of the Year within his first year. In 2015, Austin accepted a Sales Rep position with RNDC Colorado in key accounts working with large box retail stores. 

Austin began seeing a trend in the retail liquor side of business as new flavored products were hitting the shelves each month. He would often join friends in Denver’s Downtown District and began noticing that more bars and nightclubs were infusing their own pickle vodka and the flavor was becoming very popular. In 2016, the idea of distilling a pickled vodka came to fruition and Austin began the process of finding a distiller. In 2017, Austin found a distiller in Rigby, ID and invested his life savings into the development of The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka. 

Due to conflicts of interest, Austin left his position with RNDC Colorado in 2018. At the start of a new business, Austin dedicated his time to self-distributing The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka out of his car in Colorado and doing tastings every weekend all across the state. To supplement his income, Austin rented rooms within his house on AirBnB and dog sat on Rover, never losing sight of his goal despite the challenges of growing a small business. Austin amassed 350 accounts in Colorado within 8 months. After selling 800 cases and sampling over 16,000 people on the product, Austin approached his previous employer, RNDC Colorado, and The World Famous Pickle Vodka was picked up. The World Famous Pickle Flavored Vodka is now is eleven states and growing, including: Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Minnesota.

If you would like The World Famous Pickle Vodka available in your state, request it at your local liquor stores and favorite bars!

There are big things coming soon and beyond in 2023, don’t miss any updates.

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